Starting FIRE: My first six months

In this post I share the beginning of my journey on the journey towards FIRE or Financially Independent Retired Early.

I failed a No-Spend Challenge and here’s what I learned

Hello! Welcome back to Millennial Money Journal! In today’s edition, we’re not going to be talking about any successes, but a recent financial failure I’ve encountered. Or maybe a roadblock if you will. In October, I started a No-Spend Month Challenge. As the name suggests, it’s a challenge where aside from basic needs of food, shelter, … Continue reading I failed a No-Spend Challenge and here’s what I learned

Budgeting For 120 Days: Lessons and Tricks!

Budgeting can be difficult at the start. Especially when you have perfectionist tendencies stopping you from trying out new things and rolling with the punches. After 120 days, here’s what I’ve learnt along the way to build my habit.

Beating Your Impatience and Saving

Patience is the foundation towards building your financial independence castle. We’re all desperately wishing and hoping our money would double or triple without any effort or wait! But not being patient with your money is what’s keeping you from saving.


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